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“I solemnly declare that I shall be an active member of this NYP Unit, shall abide by its rules, and conduct myself at all times to be a credit to my Unit, and my village by:

(i)     Being honest and not taking unfair advantage of other.

(ii)    Showing respect for rights of others and being courteous at all times.

(iii)    Refraining from loud, irresponsible talk, and social evils like taking
dowry, drugs, alcohol, indulging in gambling and violence.

(iv)   Demonstrating sportsmanship and humility in all spheres of life-
modest in winning and gracious in defeat.

(v)    Taking pride in my Unit, its activities and programmes.

(vi)   Devotion to the values, which my country stands for: love, equality,
honesty, truthfulness, hard work, discipline, nonviolence and
reverence for life and shall make any sacrifice necessary to uphold
these values.”